Support for COVID19 healthcare worker bill grows

Proposed Bill will help COVID19 emergency health workers

I have filed legislation that would allow essential emergency workers in the Commonwealth to have additional financial protection through existing worker compensation claim procedures.  Known as HD4949, the proposed bill would allow emergency and urgent care workers and support staff to qualify for worker compensation for lost wages and medical expenses if they become infected or quarantined because of COVID19.

I'm honored that 38 of my House colleagues are supporting this bill and look forward to debating the legislation soon.  This would allows the State to increase the financial support for these brave workers.  The proposal has also earned the support of Michael MacNeil, President of the EMT Division of the Police Patrolmen's Association.

COVID19 Resources

The COVID19 crisis has created uncertainty and hardship for many residents in 11th Bristol.  I continue to work daily with local, State, and Federal officials to find ways to help those who need help, support essential workers, and find a path forward for our economy when this is over.  If my office can help you in any way, please contact us by email or phone (see contact tab).  We'll do what we can.

There are many, many challenges before all of us.  But there are also ways to get help.  Here are some key links to the most-asked questions.  I'll update on specific topic areas soon.


Busy Start to Fall in the State House

The past couple of weeks have been super busy on Beacon Hill.  Here are a few of the highlights:

-  House voted to support H4075 to support improved financial stability in higher education.  This is in response to the 18 institutions in the Commonwealth which closed or merged with others during that past five years and the projected long-term demographic trends for college-age students.

-  Joined New Bedford officials to celebrate receiving a substantial federal grant to support Addiction and Recovery work.  New Bedford was chosen for the grant in large part because it has demonstrated commitment and progress in the battle against substance use disorders.

- Attended several Joint Committee meetings on Veterans and Federal Affairs as well as Judiciary to hear testimony on over 100 proposed bills.

-  Nominated Adrian Ventura, Exec. Director of Centro Communitario de Trabajadores, for the Latinx Excellence on the Hill Award, presented by the MA Black and Latino Legislative Caucus.

-  Joined New Bedford delegation in welcoming Cape Verde Mayors, The Hon. Dr. Clement Garcia and The Hon. Dr. Julio Lopes, to the State House.

-  Attended the Law Enforcement Memorial Service who honored all who have fallen in the service of the Commonwealth, including Officer Moody and Sgts. Gannon and Chesna.

House Unanimously Supports Child Wellness Initiative

Late night at the State House making sure this important legislation moves forward.  Read all the details in this press release.


Massachusetts House Introduces Child Wellness Initiative

 Legislation expands access to and supports health services for children

July 31, 2019 – (BOSTON) – Today Representative Christopher Hendricks (D, 11th Bristol), along with his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, voted 156 to 0 to pass legislation supporting the health and wellness of children across the Commonwealth. This bill is one part of a multi-tiered initiative to address the specific needs of children and adolescents in an integrated fashion.


An Act Relative to Children’s Health and Wellness is part of the comprehensive, session-long House Children’s Wellness Initiative, which aims to better address the complex health and wellness needs of the Commonwealth’s 1.4 million children by breaking down silos of service. The effort seeks to make access to healthcare easier for vulnerable populations, eliminate barriers to care and formulate data-driven recommendations to improve service delivery and system coordination. The initiative supports a holistic approach that provides services early and often – ensuring that children grow to be healthier, happier and more productive adults.


The first bill in this initiative creates a foundation for better access to services and more data to inform future policy.  Among the provisions of the legislation is the requirement that the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families report to the Legislature on its efforts to improve the Commonwealth’s foster care system.


“Today we’re taking a major step to make child and adolescent wellbeing a House session-long priority, beginning with this legislation,” said House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, (D – Winthrop).  “The Commonwealth’s children deserve a comprehensive support system so they may grow to be healthier, happier and more productive adults. I thank Chairs Benson, Michlewitz, Gregoire and Cronin as well as Vice-Chair Barber for their hard work on these efforts, and I look forward to building on these themes as the session unfolds.”


“Central to my district and the communities I serve is protecting the health and education of our children,” said Representative Hendricks.  “I am proud to stand with the entire House is support of these initiatives and thank the Education Committee and the Speaker for their leadership.”

 “Massachusetts is once again putting the health of our children at the top of our priority list,” said State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Committee Chair Representative Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough).  “In Section 1 of this bill, we focus on both the mental and physical health of children, whose care has been entrusted to the Department of Children and Families by ensuring that they have insurance coverage until the age of 26, creating parity with other young people in our Commonwealth.”

“Even with our strong healthcare system in Massachusetts, many people still have problems accessing care,” said Financial Services Vice-Chair Representative Christine Barber (D-Somerville).  “When a family seeks healthcare or behavioral health providers, they often find a long list of providers who have moved, retired, or no longer accept patients. This bill requires that provider directories are accurate and accessible.”

The legislation seeks to address child wellness in the following eight areas:


  1. Requires the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to report on efforts to improve the foster care system in the Commonwealth, including steps it is taking to provide increased coverage in underserved regions, share relevant medical history with foster parents, and provide access to mental health supports and timely information on children in DCF custody who have died from abuse or neglect. The report is due by October 15, 2019.


  1. Secures healthcare benefits for foster children until the age of 26, making it easier for this vulnerable population to access to MassHealth benefits they are entitled at minimal cost to the Commonwealth. It codifies the practice for Massachusetts in the event of change on the federal level to the Affordable Care Act.


  1. Requires insurance companies to maintain accurate and accessible provider directories for health plans. The provision directs companies to make the directories available without requiring users to create a new online account or profile. The directory must be updated frequently to ensure the information is correct. Insurance companies must take steps to make the directors use-friendly for individuals with disabilities and limited English proficiency. Establishes a task force to develop recommendations to ensure the accurate electronic posting of directories headed by the Commissioner of Insurance.


  1. Creates childhood behavioral health centers of excellence via a pilot program that designates three regional centers to act as clearinghouses to connect families, providers, and educators to services and training opportunities. Requires the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to report on progress and impact after one year of implementation.


  1. Requires the Heath Policy Commission to conduct analysis within the next year of children with medical complexity to analyze costs and population characteristics of this group in order to develop recommendations about how to serve this unique population.


  1. Establishes a task force to study pediatric behavioral health screening tools.


  1. Creates a special commission to examine the pediatric workforce to address pediatric provider availability and adequacy. The Commission would recommend strategies for increasing the pipeline of pediatric providers and expanding access to practicing providers.


  1. Charges a 17-member special commission to review the Department of Public Health’s School-Based Health Center Program for the purpose of strengthening, improving, and considering ways to replicate best practices across the state.


The bill now goes to the Senate.


Acushnet's Nancy Francis Honored at State House

It was my distinct honor to nominate Nancy Francis for the Unsung Herione of Massachusetts honor.  She was responsible for helping create and manage the Acushnet Community Center for over 15 years.  She is a teacher and a community leader who now serves as on Library Board of Trustees.  Congratulations Nancy!

Why I opposed Alma del Mar expansion


Many have asked why I did not support the Home Rule petition brought before the Legislature to approve charter school expansion proposal for Alma del Mar.  This article lays out all of my concerns.

New Bedford Programs Funded in FY20 Budget


So proud of the work with Sen. Montigny and others in the delegation to ensure that funding for key New Bedford programs, especially the Greater New Bedford Opioid Task Force and the Girls STEAM Design Academy, were included in this year's budget.

Massachusetts Medal of Liberty Ceremony

On May 22, 2019, Representative Hendricks joined Governor Charles Baker and Major General Gary Keefe to honor service men and women from the Commonwealth who were killed in action or died in service.  Next of kin received the MA Medal of Liberty to recognize their family member's service and sacrifice.  Mrs. Stella Monteiro of New Bedford accepted on behalf of her brother, F1C George E. Patisteas who died during the Battle of Okinawa while on board the USS Bunker Hill in WWII.