On January 2, 2019, I was sworn in to the Massachusetts House of Representatives to bring the voices of the 11th Bristol District to the State House. Since then, I have been working to represent the concerns and issues of my neighbors in Acushnet and parts of Wards 1, 2 and 3 in New Bedford. As you may know, beginning in January, 2023, Bristol 11th will be entirely within New Bedford as a result of the census redistricting. I am honored to represent one of the newly created minority-majority districts. While I will miss working with officials in Acushnet, I am excited about the opportunities for Bristol 11th next session.

As we all begin to emerge from the effects of the pandemic, know that I am working every day to find help for residents, supporting essential workers, and collaborating with local, state, and federal officials to make sure that our community benefits from the recovery funds available.

New Bedford has the opportunity to emerge better than ever through improvements in education funding, early education and vocational training opportunities, and exciting economic development projects. There is still much to do in the areas of opioid addiction and recovery and affordable housing opportunities. I will continue to fight for our residents in these and other critical areas.

I remain committed to working hard every day to ensure that 11th Bristol’s needs are made known and our interests are well represented.

All the best,