Legislative Priorities

IMG_0525_small.jpgRepresentative Hendricks is focusing on the following priority issues this session:

- Protecting and strengthening worker rights.  Rep. Hendricks has filed several bills relating to worker compensation issues, including COVID19 infection presumption for essential workers.

- Increasing access and affordability to both pre-K and college/vocational education. After successfully working with colleagues to revise the Chapter 70 formulas to adequately fund schools, Rep. Hendricks continues the fight for early education and higher ed opportunities.

- Fighting opioid and other addictions and supporting those in recovery. Rep. Hendricks has fought for additional funding for the Greater New Bedford Opioid Task Force. He also serves on local committees that are working to improve recovery options and reduce overdose and deaths from this epidemic.

Representative Hendricks cosponsored over 100 other bills to support environmental health, economic development, and safety for the residents of 11th Bristol among other topics.

Chris is excited to be serving on the following Committees for the 192nd Session of the General Court:

Joint Committee on the Judiciary

Joint Committee on Housing

House Committee on Federal Stimulus and Census Oversight


Representative Hendricks is also a member of several Caucuses at the State House, including Gateway Cities Caucus and Food Systems Caucus, which strengthen his voice on his key legislative concerns.